Co-Parenting Training for High Conflict Parents
Separate six session classes using a manualized curriculum. Advanced material addressing children’s exposure to conflict & alienation.

Psychological Assessment & Treatment
Specialized and intensive assessment of & treatment for court-involved families and family members.

Parenting Time Refusal/Resistance Program
Designed to help adults & children establish safe & beneficial contact when difficult to do on their own.

Reconciliation/Reunification Therapy
Under MHP intervention & oversight, designed to heal the parent-child relationship(s) torn apart by family conflict, substance abuse &/or estrangement.

Parenting Time Supervisor Training
Educational & experiential workshop designed for laypersons appointed as parenting time supervisors.

Weekend Warrior Communication Workshop
Intensive group workshop which separates then teaches high conflict parents how to effectively communicate & problem-solve.

Communication Monitoring
Professional monitoring of & intervention with communication between high conflict parents.

Co-Parenting Therapy
Therapeutic intervention for separated parents who have a desire to co-parent. This service is only available to mildly conflicted parents.

Child Exchange Analysis & Parent Training
Informal assessment of then intervention within the parental unit to assist child-related phobic or separation anxiety relative to child exchanges.

Relatives as Permanent Placements Services
Consultation, parenting plan development & related therapeutic services provided to relatives or de facto parents who are caregivers when biological parents are fully, marginally or uninvolved in child rearing.