Collaborative Divorce

collaborative pictureDr. Deters is a family specialist trained in the Collaborative Law method. She acts in one of three roles within collaborative law divorces including: team facilitator, adult couch or child specialist. Divorce can be a financially and emotionally bankrupting process. Dr.Deters works with attorneys and spouses to find a gentler, more respectable and financially feasible way to move through a divorce.

She is seasoned in both the adult and child-related issues involved in such and offers support to individuals and the collaborative group. Collaborative Law Divorce (formerly named Therapeutic Family Law) is part of an international movement to settle divorces in a more emotional supportive, economical way. When couples litigate their divorce, they are involved in an adversarial system which can be costly in terms of time and finances. Collaborative Law Divorces are paced at the rate the couple wishes. Each spouse is represented by a collaboratively-trained attorney. Together, spouses and their attorneys sit at a table to work out the nuances of the divorce instead of placing their future in the lap of a judge. The collaborative process allows spouses the chance to speak, which is often lost in the courtroom.

Together, the group sorts out a method and an ending that respects the integrity of the individuals involved. Along the way, financial and family specialists may be invited to some meetings to discuss division of property, parenting plans as well as personal counseling options. Through good faith efforts in their negotiations, a mutually acceptable settlement is reached and jointly filed with the Court.

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Dr. Deters is currently on the executive board for The Academy of Northern Kentucky Collaborative Professionals.