Family Specialist

Divorce Coaching
Assists client’s discernment about best outcomes in the divorce as well as teaches useful strategies to better navigate the divorce & custody process.

Litigation Consultation
Evaluates case from a mental health, family systems perspective and assists in strategy development for both inside and outside the courtroom. Assists with questions for depositions and trials.

Litigant Support
Assist clients with emotional regulation & understanding of the difficult process involved in civil litigation. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but clients may have limited tolerance for delays. Partnership with the client & attorney offers the client a sense of support.

Work Product Review
Review of mental health & custodial reports. Review medical records and other documentation to assist with thorough and zealous representation.

Pre-Mediation Training
Teaches one or both parents effective negotiation skills and ways to make resolution-oriented proposals. Drastically increases the success rate of mediation with high conflict personalities.

Collaborative Process
As a Family Specialist, provide support through roles of Team Facilitator, Divorce Coach &/or Child Specialist.

Training & Speaking
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