Practice Areas

Dr. Jean Deters assists individuals, families and organizations to find within themselves and utilize their maximum potentials. Through respect for personal autonomy, self-reflection, relationship building, symptom reduction, education and sustained achievement, clients find a new level of health and maturity. Dr. Deters employs evaluative and consultative assessments that are empirically-based methodologies, tailored to answer specific referral questions. She also provides individuals, families and groups with therapeutic interventions that actively engage clients on an effective and intellectual level. Therapy is conducted in a private environment of emphatic and emotional containment.

General Assessment Services

(For all ages above 6 years old)

  • Intelligence, Executive and Adaptive Functioning
  • Educational and Achievement Aptitude
  • Assessment of Behavioral and Impulsivity Dysregulation
  • Assessment of Emotional and Personality Problems
  • Treatment Planning Evaluations for Counseling and Medication Efficacy


General Psychotherapy Services

  • Individual Psychotherapy for all ages
  • Child-Centered Psychotherapy
  • Parent-Child Psychotherapy
  • Couples Counseling
  • Family Counseling


Custody Related Evaluations

  • Custody Evaluations
  • Early Neutral Evaluations
  • Friend of Court/Best Interest Assessments
  • Parenting Time Assessments
  • Parenting Assessments
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Issue Specific Evaluations


Custody Related Treatment

  • Co-Parenting Therapy
  • Parenting Coordination Services
  • Therapeutic Visitation
  • Reunification Therapy
  • Divorce Coaching


Equestrian Facilitated Psychotherapy

  • EFP Reunification Therapy Program
  • PSTD and Related Anxiety Disorders Program
  • Sibling Bonding Program


Collaborative Divorce

  • Team Facilitator
  • Adult Coach
  • Child Specialist


Honorarium Speaking/Training

  • Attachment theory applications to abuse, neglect, and dependency cases
  • Ethical considerations when serving children
  • Interviewing children and child development
  • Roles of psychologists in custody disputes
  • Use of standardized testing in the courts
  • Professional resiliency, vicarious trauma and trauma-informed advocacy
  • Effects of caregiver mental illness on children
  • Child development in educational advocacy
  • Use of equestrian facilitated psychotherapy with hard to reach patients


Organizational Development

  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Executive Coaching
  • Employee Appraisal
  • Retreat Planning


Program Development

  • Parenting Coordination
  • CORE: A DBT Program for Teen Girls & Caregivers
  • BubbleWorks: A TF-CBT Program for Family Court
  • EFP Family Reunification